Wish to migrate to Australia? Here is everything for you to know.

Australia has become one of the top most destinations in the world to study abroad, as it has colleges ranking amongst the top 100 of the world with excellent education system and the average tuition fee is less than America. It also has an advantage in living expense, because Australia is cheaper in cost of living when compared to America, UK and Canada, in addition to this the quality of life is much higher and provides a huge employment opportunities to students with higher income. Moreover it is legal to do part time job for international students and also Australia consists various entertainment options.

Let’s explore Australian way of life, its people and culture, work life, living expense and study.

Study in Australia

Australia offers International students to study at all levels of education from primary to secondary and higher education, it has a wide range of options to study for international students with 1500+ institutions and world top universities and 20,000+ courses to pursue.

Higher education of Australia offers diverse range of courses in undergraduate and post graduate programs with quality education system, it also offers attractive scholarship options to international students. Besides it provides opportunity for students to work part-time to earn money covering living costs which is legal.

Irrespective of studies, Australian universities also provides different facilities like sports, music, dance and clubs with exciting campus life. When compared to other countries like America and UK, Australia is less expensive in average tuition fee. For every international student who had successfully completed course/ research degrees, Australia offers two years of post-study work permit, for masters graduate he/she would be offered work right of three years and for PhD graduates have right up to four years.

People and Culture

Australians are one of the most independent and friendliest people in the world. They also have gender equality and you can find men and women working equally in irrespective of job. Also people over there love sports and participate in different sports like cricket, tennis, rugby etc. and provide an opportunity for people of all ages to participate. When coming to culture Australians love to spend their weekends with friends and family making barbeques with cold beer in the backyard. Because of its geographical area it consists of number of beaches and Australian people like to spend there most of the free time in beaches by swimming and surfing.

Work life

Australia with its strongest economy in the world provides better quality of life with high rate of employment opportunities. In supporting the international students Australian institutions and universities help in placements and interviews. The qualification in Australia enables graduates to be more employable by the time to finish their work-permit. There are many divisions and laws in Australia helping students and people to keep start-ups in initiating opportunities to network and developing ones career.

Cost of Living

Expense of living in Australia may be higher or lower it totally depends on where you live and cost of your daily activities. There are also accommodation options available for international students depending on their cost any one can choose campus and off-campus accommodation, many student opt for par-time work for their expenses and making their study life quite smooth. By comparing to countries like America and UK the cost of food, insurance, travel, tax and medical services are less expensive.

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