Thinking about studying in Ukraine, get to know this info.

Ukraine is one of the finest destination for people who are willing to study abroad and the basic details regarding Ukraine are, the Widely spoken languages is Ukrainian, Russian, German and English which is perfectly suitable for Indians to overcome the language barrier. It has a population of 50 million and shares its border with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. The people here are very friendly, cooperative and free of racism. In many places it has good transportation facilities ranging from Shuttle buses, trams, trolley buses and even metro. Compared to European countries cost of living is less.

For Students who are interested in studying medicine abroad, Ukraine is famous for its good infrastructure and excellent education at affordable price in medicine. Here in Ukraine you will find people from across the globe who come to fulfil their dreams of education. Apart from medicine, Ukraine’s educational institutions offers various other educational courses:

  • . Computer Science
  • . Nursing
  • . Economics
  • . Civil Aviation
  • . Engineering
  • . MBA and PhD Programs

The international students here are offered coaching according to their choice of language in Russian or English.

The academic year at the university consists of two semesters:

  • . 1st semester from September 1st till January 20th
  • . 2nd semester from February 5th till July 1st

Winter holidays last for two weeks from January 21st till February 4th and Summer holidays last for two months in July, August every year.

The entrance procedure for universities in Ukraine are:

  • . Start with filling the application of university of your choice.
  • . Scan copy of your secondary school (or Bachelor degree for Postgraduates) certificate with marks and grades. These documents should be certified and legalized according to the legislation laws of the country.
  • . Confirm payment of application.
  • . The latest General Medical Certificate should be provided On Arrival.
  • . AIDS test Certificate.
  • . Birth Certificate.
  • . Insurance Policy acting on the territory of Ukraine which can also be provided on arrival.
  • . Back air ticket with the open return date of leaving during one year period for emergency situations.

Now the visa process will be of ease compared to other countries. As soon as you get the invitation from the university in Ukraine you have to report to the Embassy of Ukraine. There you can find out the information regarding the list of documents needed to get a student visa and to pass immigration checks where you have to show the passport with your visa, the original of the official invitation from university and the medical insurance policy.

After reaching there, students should report to local authorities within three working days as a rule.

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